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Part of everything that is beautiful

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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." I get called Mbali for short, which translates to flower. I believe in peace, love, smiles and only have good intentions. I love Psychedelic Trance, outdoor festivals and people. I love to spread love and joy wherever. You can catch me hooping at festivals across South Africa. <3 Namaste!

I want a boy who:

1. Lets me wear his hoody, knowing full well that i probably won’t return it.

2. Has super soft lips.

3. Laughs at all my awkward jokes.

4. Sits with my best friend and i and laughs with us as if we have all been friends forever.

5. Has a gorgeous smile, that makes me melt.

6. Holds my hand, in front of his friends.

7. Impersonates the waitress/waiter who takes our order when we are out.

8. Will find us something cool to do, even when we are both broke.

9. Will be honest.

10. Returns my affection.

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