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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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To celebrate 200,000 plays on our Soundcloud, we asked Deliriant & Mad Piper (aka Technicolor), and Risky Business & Critical Mass (aka Disco Volante) to collaborate and put together a very special DJ mix for free download! Given the fact that these 2 duos are producing some of the freshest tunes in the scene at the moment, we figured they would be able to put something extra-special together for us, and we just knew it would turn out to be one killer mix! Please listen, share, download and enjoy!

1. deliriant vs disco volante - timekeeper
2. disco volante vs mad piper - confusion
3. deliriant - spiritual experience
4. technicolor - less than human
5. disco volante - finders keepers
6. shift - pump (mad piper remix)
7. technicolor - heisenberg
8. brain driver vs disco volante - disco driver
9. shift - this pain (deliriant remix)
10. concious chaos - blind submission (disco volante remix)

My lord jesus do i love psytrance!!!!


As a token of gratitude and celebration for reaching a whopping 100 000 plays on our Soundcloud Account, Deliriant (one half of Technicolor with Mad Piper) was kind enough to send us a banging exclusive DJ mix for our fans! The support from all our listeners has been amazing, so we thought it would be nice to return the favour with this powerful 52 minute mix, free for download - Enjoy!


1. Mad Maxx - creeping (Mad Piper remix)
2. Mad Piper - 300 years
3. Deliriant - truth be told
4. Deliriant - cosmic connection
5. Technicolor - dark dog
6. Technicolor - sleep research
7. Deliriant vs shameless - energy
8. Deliriant - out of control (Remove rmx)


This my friends is the shit. This is what i hoop to and this is what completes me. 

Origin Festival 2013

Decor: Artescape

Photo:Scott Rennie Photography

Psytrance mixed with dubstep. Yup fallen through the trap! 

OMG  by Shift!

Best song to hoop to! Breaks galore in the dub and tricks with full on psy sound!

Have got to make a video to this track!

Neelix - Expect what

Tranclings, this is the song that gets the people with hangovers out their tents, the people who are seated off the floor and gets the people who are dancing into full on stomping! Love this song <3

Getting ready to go to the club tonight, got this on!

Masqued Ball 2012

Scott Rennie Photography

Jungala 2011

Alien Safari’s “Masqued Ball 2012”

Trance party in Cape Town South Africa.

This is a photograph of the stage at night, all decor was done by ARTESCAPE.

Scott Rennie Photography

I went to this party!!!!!

It was so sick!!!

Please watch it to get an idea of how the psy trance parties are in South Africa!!

Message me if you like what you see ^_^

RAZ - Meaning or purpose

I never ask you guys (followers) to do much but if you even remotely like psytrance PLEASE listen to this song. It is my absolute favourite song. 

RAZ is underrated, his music is honestly mind bending, melodic and beautiful.

Celestial Beings 

This is the river that we could swim in!

Popular psy dj Shane Gobi

Stu Shapirophotography

"Celestial Beings" featuring Dapanji

Stu Shapiro photography

A picture of last years Masqued Ball.

Cape Town, South Africa.