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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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Mystic Mingler Photography

pHalloween Mood :D 3:) work in process :P
P.s special low quality of sound - against stealing ! thank ! :D

A fun little psy trance track by  Silent Witch that samples the Adams family. 

It set me in the mood for Halloween!

Dancing in the rain at Organik Gaian Dream

Photo: Stu Shapiro

Mud people at The Village

Photo: Aumega. photography

That’s me hooping on the hill at The Village this past weekend!

I love my festivals

Photo: LVstar Photography

Cosmic Connection

Photo: B Bredell

Recorded Sunday morning, 23 September 20012, (05:30 - 07:00) on the Origin Floor at Earthdance Cape Town 2012.

Expect 85 min of full on, psychedelic madness, powered by the phattest, stompadacious beats. It’s a little groovy, somewhat naughty, very cheeky and full of Sway - its an Earthdance sunrise, Beartrap style.

and remember to

Full on psy!!! This was the best sunrise set every!!!

Mad Piper LIVE @ Earth Dance Cape Town 2012

Bitrate: 320 kbps
Released: 25/09/2012

Track list:
1.) Deliriant vs. Mad Piper - From the Void
2.) Mad Piper vs. Critical Mass - Critical Madness
3.) Mad Piper - First Time’s Free
4.) Abomination - Secret Sands (Mad Piper RMX)
5.) Mad Piper - Return to the Moon V2.0 
6.) Deliriant - Chronic (Mad Piper RMX)
7.) Mad Maxx - Creeping (Mad Piper Bootleg RMX)
8.) Mad Piper - Beyond Andromeda
9.) Bio Genesis - Sonofile (Mad Piper RMX)

Mad Piper -

Do yourself and listen to this!!! If you like full on psy trance, this is for you

psyMy latest track I wrote for Alien Safari Sprung 2012. Due for release on Psyology Records.

Unstoppable - Deliriant

Man i love this this artist :)

Ritmo at Alien Safari’s Sprung 2012

Fucha Gathering 2012

Fucha Gathering

Johanneburg, South Africa

Photo: J Matthews

Lazy, fluffy, late-afternoon prog mix. For those times when the dancefloor is in the dappled shade of the trees and you need to put your stomped-out feet up for moment.

01 - Funk Truck - The Wilde (—AsJnq4)
02 - Time in Motion - Dalai Lama (
03 - Mr Suspect - Never is a long time (
04 - Lyctum & Zyce - World of Choice (
05 - Zane - The Forgotten World (
06 - Phaxe - Twist & Spin (
07 - Time in Motion - Colour (Reverse Rmx) (
08 - Naes - Knights of the forest (

(Recorded on Traktor DJ Studio 3, sans controller, so the cueing and mixing was done “blind.”)

Very nice fluffy-ish psy-trance mix. Available for free download. I’m gonna hoop to it tomorrow :D

The guy who taught me flowers! 

Photo by Neil H