Fires a'Light

My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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This is some of the fire hooping footage captured at the event Arise And Hoop performed at this weekend!!! :D 

I really did enjoy my first performance, can’t wait to be booked again :) 

We lit up seven times on the night and this is just a snippet.

Video by Tom Meek

Jungala festival 2012

Photo: Scott Rennie

Jungala Festival 2012

Photo: Niel Moller

If you got 5:10 mins then you will enjoy this video on the trance party i went to two weeks ago.

Video: Ifnotwhynotmedia

The Village 2012

Photo: Niel Moller

The Village Spiritual Synaethesia 2012

Above the dj, there was a tipi (tepee) that had been constructed. The visuals were projected onto the front of the tepee and the tipi also produced smoke!

Photo: Niel Moller

Photo: Laura Grobler

The “third eye” had visualizers going as well. Loved it.

Masqued Ball 2012

Scott Rennie photography

Jungala 2011

Jungala 2011

Celestial Beings 

This is the river that we could swim in!

Love the tat :)

You gotta have a stomping stick for any trance party.

Stu Shapiro photography.

Earthdance 2011

Earthdance 2011