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Get to know me better <3   How to spot me at a festival   Arise and Hoop   

My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." I get called Mbali for short, which translates to flower. I believe in peace, love, smiles and only have good intentions. I love Psychedelic Trance, outdoor festivals and people. I love to spread love and joy wherever. You can catch me hooping at festivals across South Africa. <3 Namaste!

For all those people who ask me for videos - finally a shortish one! Bit repetitive because it was taken during three different songs but i’m happy with it nonetheless!

Hope you enjoy my festival hooping <3

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Fire Hooping at a festival 

Fire Hooping at a festival 

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Hooping at Alien Safari Sprung 

Hooping at Alien Safari Sprung 

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Hooping at the park :)

Hooping at the park :)

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