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Part of everything that is beautiful

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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." I get called Mbali for short, which translates to flower. I believe in peace, love, smiles and only have good intentions. I love Psychedelic Trance, outdoor festivals and people. I love to spread love and joy wherever. You can catch me hooping at festivals across South Africa. <3 Namaste!

I love it.

I love it when you check someone out and they are checking you out, but then nothing happens. Then you think about it later and you wonder if they are still thinking of you. 

I love it becomes it becomes a little intimate memory =]

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He’s Funny. He’s Adorable. He’s sweet. He’s loving. He’s awesome. He’s perfect. I didn’t say a name, but he popped into your head, didn’t he? 

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• I LOVE HER&#160;!!!! • cc @ambervsmbali
I know you hate Reblogs. 
I had to though.


• I LOVE HER !!!! • cc @ambervsmbali

I know you hate Reblogs. 

I had to though.

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I want him. NOW.
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I want him. NOW.

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Chuck and Blair, a dangerous addiction.

Chuck and Blair… they are amazing. They have used each other, lied to each other, schemed together and have managed to have crazy “angry sex” on all our screens.

However, when we see them cherish each other, it immediately covers up all the bad things that they have done to each other and for whatever reasons that they did them for. Is it more satisfying when we see troubled relationships making it, then a relationship that was just right from the start? Do we WANT this kind of drama in our lives? Or is it that we just want a story to go with our relationships?

Chuck and Blair, yes, they are a beautiful, yet indescribable entity that we would all love to emulate. A hot bad boy with a potentially even worse hot girl, who get a kick out of playing games with each other? 

They couldn’t even say “i love you” for honestly what seemed what was like forever, though we all know that your heart warmed up to a million degrees when you first heard Chuck say “i love you” to Blair, and you know that you were probably on the brink of death, when he kissed her afterward.

Chuck and Blair

Okay, we are getting a bit too deep here. [Wipes brow]

Maybe we should just go back to the fact that they are incredibly hot and have crazy “angry sex?” 

Yeah. That may seem like a good reason as to why the Chuck and Blair relationship, is a dangerous one. 

Whatever you like about their relationship, is your business. Whether its the games, the crazy “angry sex”, the heart-melting moments where your wish you were Blair, or maybe its just the crazy “angry sex.”

Whatever it is, that draws you to their relationship and possibly wish you could be in it [Chuck, Blair and -insertyournamehere-, new Gossip Girl romance?], we can all agree that Chuck and Blair are a deadly and ultimately an addiction.

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