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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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Photo by: Aumega Photography

For all those people who ask me for videos - finally a shortish one! Bit repetitive because it was taken during three different songs but i’m happy with it nonetheless!

Hope you enjoy my festival hooping <3

Love hooping

Hooping on the beach at Masqued Ball

Hooping on the beach at Masqued Ball

Me at Celestial Beings :)

Photo by N Basting

Hooping at Celestial Beings 2014

My hippie friends got married this past weekend. They got married, barefoot in a forest in an enchanting faery themed wedding.

We sat on logs (with pillows) while watching the unpretentious ceremony which consisted of vows, the Celtic hand fastening tradition, a Dr. Seuss reading and jumping over a broom.

The bride wore a detailed leather corset, a leather hip belt over a layered lace skirt. While the groom wore hippie pants, a top and a detailed leather waistcoat.

The whole thing was inexpensive, intimate and unpretentious. It was such a beautiful wedding and I can’t imagine getting married in any other way.

Hooping at Origin Festival

Hooping at Astral Afrika

Hooping at Astral Afrika

Hooping at Origin

Vortex Opensource 2013

Desert Gypsy