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Part of everything that is beautiful

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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." I get called Mbali for short, which translates to flower. I believe in peace, love, smiles and only have good intentions. I love Psychedelic Trance, outdoor festivals and people. I love to spread love and joy wherever. You can catch me hooping at festivals across South Africa. <3 Namaste!

Humans are so fucking stupid


All we do is repeat the same shit, go in and out of the same trends and patterns; then we convince our selves that any of this shit is new. When it’s not, it has always been here in another form and all we do is repackage it and call it new. The same music, the same fashions, the same movies, just sold to a new generations and told that it’s new. So shut the fuck up about originality, because nothing is really original.  Just reiterations of the same shit.

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Our Generation

In our generation it seems the focus of a lot of girls are their looks. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your looks but over the years the pressure to be “hot” has been increasing at alarming rates.

Now i’m not sure how it is for someone who grew up in the 90’s or 80’s where you did have pop idols like Madonna for example. We have pop idols, but all we see are naked women in videos who are ironically called “video vixens” or most things are sold through sex. 

I can feel the pressure, especially on tumblr. No one wants to admit it but every girl wants that cool hot picture of themselves being reblogged by thousands of people, almost as if that would validate how hot you are. Some photos don’t have that intention but i have seen many with that intention. We all are trying to desperately be hot and to be noticed and to be loved by some hot foreign man. 

We all have the same dream but only a few seem to get to live it out. Taking photo’s of yourself won’t prove anything and getting a thousand reblogs won’t full the gap. Having expensive clothes or things won’t fill the gap. Being adored by millions of girls or boys won’t feel the gap.

The only thing that can fill the gap is you, which means you have to love yourself and not post pictures in the hope of adoration.

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Anyone need romance in their life?
Oh oh oh, pick me, pick me!

Anyone need romance in their life?

Oh oh oh, pick me, pick me!

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