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Part of everything that is beautiful

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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." I get called Mbali for short, which translates to flower. I believe in peace, love, smiles and only have good intentions. I love Psychedelic Trance, outdoor festivals and people. I love to spread love and joy wherever. You can catch me hooping at festivals across South Africa. <3 Namaste!

Handle it.

If you are going to take drugs or drink, please, handle your shit.

On numerous occasions i have been embarrassed by people who can’t handle their substance intake. Certain drunk or high people exposing secrets that were intended to stay between you and them.

Or even worse when they suddenly become clairvoyant and start to tell you, when you are completely sober that you are in denial about something.

Maybe you are, but hell i don’t want any drunk person telling me that i am in denial about one of my deepest darkest secrets.

So people know your limit with substances because i am seriously not impressed anymore. 

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"If I could get drunk off people’s stupidity and high off the drama in this town, I’d be one crazy mother fucker."
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