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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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People love complaining about relationships. If you want a specific type of partner, just go out and bloody get one. The thing is, people have preferences and sometimes, you aren’t their preference, harsh, yes, but that is life. People seem to forget that there are so many people on this earth and that there will be many opportunities to find love. I never used to believe that there is “somebody for everyone” and how “good things come to those who wait”, no, i have not found what i am looking for and the sole reason is because i am not looking. Once you stop searching, you unknowingly open up so many doors that were previously locked. 


Personal experience.

If I could get drunk off people’s stupidity and high off the drama in this town, I’d be one crazy mother fucker.

Serena and Blair’s friendship, has honestly faced more trials and tests than Adolph Hitler probably would have faced, if he survived long enough to be persecuted. The blond and brunette, both beautiful, both loving attention, both ultra fashionable = DISASTER and a whole lot of jealousy.

They have fought, laughed, slept with each others boyfriends, schemed and ultimately loved each other. Plus, they have done all of this while looking absolutely impeccable and wearing the most glamorous outfits that some of us have ever witnessed. Serena and Blair

Fashionable, beautiful, best friends? That combination is probably the kind that any remotely rational girl would want to emulate in their life.

Unfortunately in real life, some of our friendships would never last if ALL OF THAT DRAMA happened within the space of a high school career and a few years in  varsity. However, if you look beyond their hotness, you see that there actually is something from Blair and Serena’s relationship that you should try to emulate.


The amount of forgiveness that those two have spread towards each other is astounding. I know, you are probably all thinking, chill, it’s a series (everyone rolls their eyes) but if it was only a series, you all wouldn’t want to be hot like them? Or get the same amount of fit men as they do? Right?

So shut it.

Just kidding.

Really though, one characteristic that i would like to take from Gossip Girl, is the essence of forgiving, when deserved, because once we forgive we can build stronger relationships with each other.

Once we have stronger relationships with each other, then we may just become the hot, fashionable, yet insanely inseparable best friends.

I remember stating that we should all play the character we want to play in life. However, it seems i forgot to account for the understudy that always tries to upstage us. Sometimes they do succeed because it is impossible to gain the limelight again when you have someone who persistently tries to take yours. I like to call these people greedy-bitches. They are not happy that they have a cameo in life and in an attempt to dissolve their misery, they attempt to steal your limelight in the process. 

Cue understudy, exit stage left. 

Unfortunately this is not always possible. 

Some guidelines as to how to avoid the dramatics, deal with them and keep the show within your script:

  1. At any hint of upstaging, eliminate the understudy by any means possible. (Murder normally works)
  2. Make your role so strong that it is almost impossible to draw attention away from you.
  3. Give your audience a show that they will never forget
  4. Do not act surprised when drama comes your way, changes to the script are always allowed.
  5. Feign innocence at all times.
  6. Write yourself out the script, some audiences were just never meant for you.

Don’t allow people to step onto your stage. It’s yours and yours alone. They don’t call it a one man show for nothing.