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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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Celestial Beings featuring Dapanji

Stu Shapiro photography

Just got back from a two day trance party titled “Celestial Beings.” Basically we drove 200kms to Helderstroom to a farm which has a rock quarry. The stage was put up in a natural amphitheater surrounded by rock mountains. 

Anyway let me start from the beginning. I went with 3 of my other friends and my best friend Tali. Tali and i got picked up and the road trip began. As we were driving we got word of there being roadblocks just before the party, with sniffers.

Obviously we freaked out because somehow between the five of us we had about 10 grams of weed. Which would like we were intending to sell it. We didn’t mean to have that much, we kinda each brought enough for ourselves. It was the last trance party before i start varsity tomorrow, so we just wanted to dance and chill out. Anyway we were so freaked out that we left all the weed under a rock 18kms away from the party, so that if there was a roadblock we could get it the next day when going back home and if there wasn’t we would obviously go back and fetch it and bring it to the party. 

Well, the roadblock cleared when we got there, so we ended up driving back to get it, an extra 40kms onto our trip. We got to the party, walked along the path and set up tent in a shady forest spot. Our neighbours had eaten “chocolate shrooms” and were laughing their brains out. They were laughing at us for about an hour. They were laughing so hard, we even felt a bit uncomfortable as we set up our tent. I guess it is kind of ridiculous, we bought our tent secondhand off an Ebay type site and we only realized on New Year that the asshold sold us a tent and a DIFFERENT coversheet. The coversheet is NOT for that tent, so it just looks completely wrong. 

Pay back is a bitch though, i am going to sell that tent using the same site, at a cheap price. Then use that money to a buy new tent. Anyway there was confusion, as the boys did not bring a tent. So 5 people had to sleep in a 4 man tent and we had A LOT of stuff. So spooning was involved. 

We went to the dance floor and danced forever. I danced with so many people, it was lovely. Even whipped out my poi and did some tricks. My friend had her first MD experience at this party. It was pretty cool to guide her, we advised her to take half the capsule in some water and then take the other half later, so that the effect is less dramatic. She waited an hour and the half hadn’t kicked in, she was impatient (as a full capsule comes into effect after around 45 mins to an hour so half would take longer) and took the other half. Well she said it was the “best night of her life.” Understandable. I always encourage experiencing new things but somethings are once off.

The boys took 3 capsules in one night (not at once), which is good for them but i still don’t like it for myself. There were visualizers being projected onto the mountain that surrounded us and onto the stage. There were LED poi dancers, fire poi dancers, psychedelic ballerina who did ballet steps and it was projected onto the mountain, hoolahoopers and so many more different acts that the party had hired. It was a real treat.

At some point this guy wanted to burn my face with a cigarette. He and his friend were fucked on something i don’t know and they came up to me and carresed and then cupped my face. I don’t like it when people touch me when i am dancing. SO i naturally pushed them off me. Well that angered him and he reached for a cigarette and motioned towards my face with it. I have never run away from someone so quickly. The crowd that some parties attract? Whatever happened to love and happiness? That is why i will never allow my children to attend a trance party without someone over the age of 23 before the age of 17 in South Africa. People just take too many drugs here. 

Anyway i had a little nap, then woke up for sunrise set and jammed. Dapanji are the SHIT. I am SO GLAD that i have seen them live, they are amazing. Their music is soooooo unique. It was a lovely stomp and the venue was absolutely stunning!

Even got to introduce myself to the dreadlocked sex-god i have been salivating over on campus. It was a lovely weekend in deed. Free ticket, poi and dancing with all my friends. Loved every minute of it and now i can start second year at varsity knowing that i am all partied out.

Will put up photo’s soon :)