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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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Hooping at the beach :)
Photo: Berni Bredell

Hooping at the beach :)

Photo: Berni Bredell

Is this not the cutest of photos!?

Alien Safari Sprung 2012

Photo by: Tauriq Dolley

When love hits you and you never thought it would.

When love hits you and you never thought it would.

When you like a ginger boy with hair colour issues and your friends promise not to laugh. 

That’s real friendship.

I want this love so badly, a deep, fulfilling love, where it doesn’t even seem like love. I want that acknowledgement, that unity and understanding that two people have when they are in a relationship. I want proper love.

For some strange reason i get fooled by assholes, there has never been someone that i have liked or dated who has not disappointed me either with their actions or excuses. Is it me? Perhaps i do this to myself with my choice of men.

Either way…

You start to wonder, when will it be me?

Be patient, they say.

Patience becomes insulting the longer you wait.

I want it now.

1. Lets me wear his hoody, knowing full well that i probably won’t return it.

2. Has super soft lips.

3. Laughs at all my awkward jokes.

4. Sits with my best friend and i and laughs with us as if we have all been friends forever.

5. Has a gorgeous smile, that makes me melt.

6. Holds my hand, in front of his friends.

7. Impersonates the waitress/waiter who takes our order when we are out.

8. Will find us something cool to do, even when we are both broke.

9. Will be honest.

10. Returns my affection.

Don&#8217;t be a mean girl, be a nice girl.

Don’t be a mean girl, be a nice girl.

More than friends vibes.

More than friends vibes.

I let out my feelings for the guy i have had a crush on for the past six months.

He is not as oblivious as i thought.

Even though he said kind things to me, it still can’t take away some of the disappointment.

Not disappointment in him, but in general.

It looks like i’m still waiting for the sun to rise.

At least i know, i’m one fearless bastard.

So after hearing this quote: “If you like someone tell them, there are more than six billion other people on this earth, someone might beat you to it.” I’ve decided i’m going to tell my crush, that i kinda like him. 

Ways to tell your crush that you like him:

1. (Casually when walking together) Girl: Hey -insertname- bro, i sorta kinda like you hey.

2. (Casually when in class) Girl: Hey -insertname-, do you like water? Boy: Well yeah Girl: Then you already like 72% of me, how about going for the other 28%? =]

3. (When you have caught him off guard) Girl: Hey do you want a peanut? Boy: Why YE— Girl: (quickly interjects/adds) Do you want to date? Boy: —-ESSS. Girl: -smiles-

4. Girl: I’m pretty and you’re cute… Together we could be pretty cute. 

5. Girl: I don’t like you. I merely enjoy tolerating your existence immensely =}

6. Girl: Remember last week, when you said how much you liked -insertpreviousconversationtopichere-, yeah well i really like you more than that.

7. Girl: (Casually) I’ve always wanted to say this: “I really really really really really really like you.”

8. Girl: Hey -insertnamehere-, i’m learning Japanese, let me teach you a little. Boy: Um okay.. Girl: Daisuki da yo =] (Repeat several times at different volumes and make different faces) Boy: What does that mean?? Girl: I like you. =]

9. If you aren’t that brave call him. When he picks up, quickly blurt out “i like you” and hang up. Pros: You get it over with quickly. Cons: It wont work to maximum effect if he doesn’t have your number or you use a private number.

10. Write a note with “i like you” written on it and tie it to a rock. Throw it at him, not hard but so he can catch it! Wait for a reaction or run away =]

I guess the key is either to be funny, cute or really take him by surprise. I do suggest taking him to a place where he can’t overreact like a dinner or somewhere where you can catch him off guard, like on your way to the library or walking to the shops. You can easily make a quick escape if you do this.

Remember: BE CASUAL. Anxiety, really sucks, especially if you have held it in for long… some people are oblivious to the many hints that you may give them, so if you don’t tell them you will end up having that crush for more than a year.

|oh la la|

|oh la la|