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My name is Mbalenhle. This directly translates into "beautiful flower." You can catch me hooping at festivals and other events in Cape Town. <3
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There is nothing worse than being belittled or bullied by a pretty girl in high school. It makes you insecure, it can make you bitter or it can just depress you.

Back in high school a pretty girl once said, "girls who bury their noses in books are insecure about their appearance." Pretty girls really, do and say ugly things sometimes.

Everything that you are good at, they discredit, pass it off as silly, perhaps because they know that they themselves don’t have the capacity to do it.

Anyway back to the story, so make-up, boys with cars, fashion and being skinny was her only ambition in life. I used to think that i wasn’t pretty enough or that i will excel at other things to make up for my lack of attractiveness. 

She got to me. I loved to gym and she made sure that i overheard her say that, it doesn’t matter how much you gym, you can’t change your face. 

Ouch. Maybe i did deserve that one, i had been vocally cursing her as an anorexic imbecile. I developed an attitude of, “i’m going to be so smart, i’m going to show this bitch.” In the end, i wasn’t excelling for myself, it was an hollow puppet show with me as the main character. 

Excelling for teachers, excelling for acknowledgement, excelling for no reason other than to live a better life than that pretty bitch.

I wanted to prove to her that i would be better then her and be more prosperous, so i choose the hardest degree at university to get in to, just so i could prove her wrong. 

Then i realised…

Why should that pretty bitch determine my life?

Why should any person be an obstacle in my life?

Why was i letting myself lose touch with the person i really am?

It was all her stupid game. She was insecure about not only mine but other girls strengths. Maybe because she wasn’t as talented or wasn’t willing to work hard but she downplayed our strengths to make her seem like a perfect god.

Looking back now, i really dislike that pretty little bitch of a girl.